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  • 2017 Government Work Report
    County Party Secretary Guo Huiyong in the county "politics, knowing awe, rules and regulations" special
    The Deputy Secretary of the County Party Committee Wu Bin is at the Fifth Plenary Session of the 14th Session of the Quwo County Committee of the Communist Party of China and
    County Party Secretary Guo Huiyong at the county"s "Five Cities Lianchuang" work mobilization meeting
    Deputy secretary of the county party committee Wu Dan, the county magistrate, mobilized in the county"s “Five Cities Lianchuang” campaign
    County Party Secretary Guo Huiyong is in the tenth of Quwo County Lectures at four congresses
    2016 Government Work Report
    < /table>
    Qu Zheng Ban Fa [2017] No. 86 on the promotion of Quwo County comprehensive promotion
    Qu Zheng Ban Fa [2017] No. 41 on the issue of "accelerating the county government
    Qu Zheng Banfa [2017] No. 33 on speeding up the e-government of our county
    Qu Chu Fa [2016] No. 48 on Printing Quwo County 2016
    Qu Chuanfa [2015] No. 60 on Printing and Sending "Winter Action" in Quwo County a>
    Qu Zheng Ban Fa [2015] No. 71 on Printing and Implementing Quwo County Implementation 20
    Qu Zhengfa [2015] No. 35 on the name of Chen Yuexian"s comrades
    County Party Secretary Guo Huiyong 2017 New Year Greetings
    Socialist Core Values Theme Microfilm Exhibition
    Chinese idioms and allusions township promotion video
    The Book of Songs, Jindu Quwo-Quwo Promotional Video
    Chinese Dream My Dream - "Dream Baby" Public Service Video
    曲沃民歌2< /td>
    Harvester Legs Fire Rescue
    The county development office centralized rectification agency and environmental sanitation around Mopanling
    County Development Office Carry out the "family style" and "family training" speech contest
    County Development Office establishes registration system to strengthen asset management of agricultural development projects
    county development office full participation in "two Learn to do "learning education series knowledge contest"
    My county"s 2017 National Agricultural Comprehensive Development Land Management Project was approved
    The County Development Office communicates and implements the spirit of the "three-base construction" arrangement of the county.
    County Water Resources Bureau actively carries out the "two studies and one doing" learning education WeChat answer activity
    曲Announcement of the collection plan for the lighting and lighting project of the Woyuan Construction Project
    Quwo County Gion Construction Project Sculpture Engineering Design Project Call for Announcement
    Quwo County Qinyuan construction project monitoring and background music engineering design proposal collection
    Quwo County Gion Construction Project Rockery and Dianchi Yongquan Project Design Plan Collection
    Quwo County Gu Announcement for the collection of lighting and lighting engineering design plans for the park construction project
    Quwo County Guyuan Construction Project Monitoring and Background Music Engineering Design Project Collection
    Quwo County 2017 Open Recruitment Teacher Leadership Office Tips
    曲2017 County open recruitment of teachers announcement
    < Td height="19" class="font13">Quwo County 2017 open recruitment teacher announcement
    Communication lighting project design proposal for Quwo County Gion Construction Project
    Quwo County Gion Construction Project Sculpture Engineering Design Project Collection Announcement
    Quwo County Gion Construction Project Monitoring and Background Music Engineering Design Project Collection
    Quwo County Gion Construction Project Rockery and Dianchi Yongquan Project Design Plan Collection
    Announcement of the collection plan for the lighting project of Quyuan County Guyuan Construction Project
    Quwo County Guyuan Construction Project Monitoring and Background Music Engineering Design Call for proposals
    Quwo County 2017 open recruitment teacher leadership group office tips
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    01st edition: a version of the news
    Version 02: Highlights
    03rd Edition: Supplementary Journal
    Version 04: Special Topics
    Dong Julong
    < Td height="20" width="50%"> 靳烈侯
    Dong Julong Korea厥a>
    Jinwugong 晉獻公
    Message Rick
    Shensheng Jin Wengong
    Xu Guozhen 衛周祚
    Gu Yanwu Taiwan 揆
    four arches Great Depression >
    West Temple Tower Qucun--Tianma Ruins
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    Quwo Apple
    Quwo Apple
      Quwo, bounded by 111°24"-111°37" east longitude and 35°33"-35°51" north latitude Between the southern part of Shanxi Province and the southern end of Linyi Basin, it is known as “Tianfu Xiongfeng, Sanjin Heavy Land”. It is known as “Tongye Fengtangdi, Sanjin origin”, and it was once the history of Wugong. Xingjin, Wengong is the hegemony of the country. The name of the county was first seen in the early Western Zhou Dynasty. In the "Book of Songs and Erya", "Wuquan (now Jingming Waterfall) hangs out, and the nine songs enter the 澮, 汾, take their songs, take their own, hence the name Qu Wo."
    Large historical sitcom "Jin Guo Fengyun" Performing Arts Complex Investment Promotion Program
    Service Industry Project
    < Img src="img/dot.jpg">infrastructure class
    Social Business< /td>
    Cultural Tourism Project
    Agricultural Project
    Investment plan for the construction of the Jinuo Film City project
    Shanxi Zhongtiaoshan New Building Materials Co., Ltd.
    Shanxi Shenggete Technology Co., Ltd.
    Shanxiahua Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
    Shanxi Changlin Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd.
    Shanxi Tongcai Industry \u0026 Trade Co., Ltd.
    Shanxi Liheng Trade Co., Ltd.
    Brand Culture Event
        The Plaza Summer Culture Month is a pioneering work in the spiritual civilization construction and cultural construction of our county. Every
    Civil Society Activities
        To give full play to the County Photographers Association, Drama Association, Calligraphers Association, Dancers Association, Cut
    Song Creation Poetry
    "After a dusk" Publishing book cover photos
    Public Cover Photo TV drama creation
    任莊扇鼓戲戲 \u0026gt;\u0026gt;
        Ren Zhuang Fan Drums is the villagers of Renzhuang, Quwo County, Shanxi Province, "compliance
    曲沃琴書 \u0026gt;\u0026gt;
        Quwoqin is popular in Quwo County in the southwestern part of the mountain and its
    曲沃碗碗 \u0026gt;\u0026gt;
        Quwo Bowl, originated from the shadow play, accompanied by
    Quwo County Huatu Bronze Culture Communication Co., Ltd.
        The predecessor of Quwo County Huatu Bronze Culture Communication Co., Ltd. is the study of Huatu bronze culture in Quwo County , the company to mine,
    Huwo Bronze Culture in Quwo County Zhengjia Hulu Artwork
    < /td>
    Quwo Paper-cutting Association< /td> Quwo Jin Hualong Artwork
    Zijinshan Gold Industry Development Park
    10 million tons of steel industry Park
    Mazhuang New Equipment Manufacturing Park
    < A hrefxxf="" title="Samsung Holly Precision Casting Park" target="_blank">Samsung Holly Precision Casting Park
    Shanxi International Lugang Comprehensive Bonded Park
    < /tbody>
    Jinyuan (park)
    Jinguo Museum Tourist Area
    Mopanling Modern Agricultural Tourism Area
    < Img src="img/dot.jpg">Prince Beach Resort \u0026 Spa
    Jinzhiyuan Yang Tan Boutique Fruit Park
    Jin The source of Quc Village Modern Agriculture Park
    Jinzhiyuan Mopanling Ecological Agriculture Park
    Jinzhiyuan Luhe Beach Reclamation Agricultural Park
    Jinzhiyuan Luhe North Shore Sightseeing Agricultural Park
    Jinzhiyuan North Dong Garlic Park
    Jinzhiyuan Village Red Wine Vineyard Area
    Dongcheng New Area
    Xinlechang Middle School
    County Offices Community Youth League Quwo County Committee County Science and Technology Association Working Committee of the County Direct Agency
    County Committee Organization Department County Women’s Federation County Establishment Committee Office Six Party History Research Office
    Site Propaganda Department County General Union County Civilization Office County Federation of Literature and Art
    County Party Committee United Front Work Department County Disabled Persons" Federation The County Cadre Bureau County Committee Political and Legal Committee
    County Disciplinary Review Committee County Industry and Commerce Association County Party School  
    Organizer: 亞洲vagaa影院大全免費 Quwo County People"s Government Construction Management: Propaganda Department of Quwo County Committee of the Communist Party
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